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Discover Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, known as the Pearl of Adriatic, is one of the must-see cities in Croatia. Join us for un unforgettable stay and enjoy an exciting and fun array of events.

Top 10 things to do in Dubrovnik

City walls with forts

Now a symbol of the city, the Dubrovnik city walls stretch over 1,900 metres and consist of 5 forts, 16 towers and bastions and 3 entrances. When built, the main functionality of the walls was the protection of the city and its harbour. Today the walls serve as one of the most attractive open-air museums.


Lovrijenac is one of the 5 forts of the Dubrovnik city walls, situated west from Old Town on a 37-metres high rock. The fort itself is a strong symbol of freedom and survival for Dubrovnik and today it is one of the most important cultural and artistic venues, hosting the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and other theatre events.


The Old Town of Dubrovnik is full of surprises. After entering the town through the gate at Pile, you will arrive in Stradun - also called Placa - a well visited promenade and a perfect meeting place full of shopping possibilites and culinary endeavors which will bring your Dubrovnik visit to another level.

Dubrovnik Churches

The rich Dubrovnik heritage boasts with over 20 churches and chappels in the Old Town, along with the Dubrovnik cathedral and the Baroque church named by the Dubrovnik patron Saint Blaise. Explore the city and discover its hidden gems.

Dubrovnik Squares

Marin Držić square - known by the locals as "in front of Our Lady's Church" - is located in front of the Dubrovnik cathedral. Explore the local life in Dubrovnik and you might see a wedding, join the local festival or simply see the gathering of the locals or of numerous street artists.

The Lokrum Island

Lokrum, today also known as the island of love, was first mentioned in the 11th century. The legends of the island's heritage include Maximilian von Habsburg, exotic plants and Richard the Lionheart, who found shelter on the island coming back from the crusade wars.


A picturesque village located 20 km west from Dubrovnik, the name Trsteno derives from the Croatian word 'trstika', a common variety of sweet cane growing due to the specific micro climate. The Trsteno Arboretum is the oldest one in the world and features a unique blend of rare exotic plants, Mediterranean and Alpine vegetation.

Elaphite Island

The Elaphite Islands consist of 13 islands amongst which only 3 are inhabitated: Koločep, Šipan and Lopud. Sunbathe on the sandy beaches or discover hidden nature and culture treasures. After a day of exploring the islands, pamper yourself with some of the local gastronomic delicacies.


Dubrovnik offers many picture perfect views to capture during your stay. Create unforgettable memories and take panoramic photos of the city from Srđ, a 413 metres high hill with the best view over the Old Town. Take the cable car to get on the hill, take the perfect picture and then visit the Dubrovnik war museum.

Lazaretto and the Old City Harbour

A very important harbour in the medieval times, Dubrovnik welcomes travellers from all around the world. Considering the contageous diseases spreading in the city, Dubrovnik started building the lazarettos, isolation hospitals for travelers coming from suspicious areas. Lazarettos were built in Cavtat and on the islands of Mrkan, Bobara, Supetar and Ploče.

Discover the Legends of Dubrovnik

Visit the top 10 most famous sposts but don't miss the chance to learn about Dubrovnik's cultural heritage. The history of Dubrovnik is ancient, interesting and full of mysteries. From the story about Richard The Lionheart to the important role of Saint Blaise, learn everything about the city and discover all the legends about charming Dubrovnik.

What to see and do in Summer

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival started in 1950 and it is held every year between July, 10th to August, 25th. With more than 70 open-air venues, the festival includes a program filled with live music, theatre, opera and dance perforamances. Live the city during this magical period and discover its renaissance and barouque atmosphere.

Sunbathe on the beaches

The best way to enjoy Dubrovnik during summer is relaxing in its secluded and breath-taking beaches, from Banje beach to Sveti Jakov and Lapad beach. Have fun diving in crystal-clear waters and find your favorite spot to catch some sun! For the more adventurous, try the exciting experience of sea-kayaking to Lokrum Island and Elephite Island.

Game of Thrones Tour

Winter is long gone, but this doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the Game of Thrones atmosphere by visiting the most famous movie locations and spots. Explore charming Old Town and live the unique experience of visiting King's Landing, the Red Keep, Littlefinger's brothel and the residence of the spice King in Qarth. Ready to explore Westeros?

What to see and do in Winter

Dubrovnik Festa

This traditional festivity lights up the city of Dubrovnik every year and marks the beginning of a multi-day celebration that opens the program involving the holiday of Saint Blaise and the Day of the City of Dubrovnik.

Festivity of Saint Blaise

Starting from 972, Dubrovnik celebrates its patron Saint Blaise every February to thank him for protecting the city against the Republic of Venice. Don't miss the exciting and interesting program this year.

Dubrovnik Carnival

To experience the spirit of Dubrovnik you can't miss the Carnival, a time when every citizen pretends to be somebody else for one night only. This February, breathe the excitment and choose your favorite mask!